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Cash 4 Cases is a money lending group that advances money to those undergoing an expensive and difficult legal process. Once you have been approved through the entry procedure, you pay the company back with interest on the funds that were advanced. The company is designed to provide clients with a better opportunity to consult with more experienced attorneys.


cash-4-cases-settlement-loan-review-1Cash4Cases was first founded by experienced attorneys, and the company is currently a member of the New York Lawyers Trial Association. This lends credibility to the group, and the professionals have worked with thousands of people as a nationwide funding company, according to the Cash4Cases website itself. The settlement loans are extended based on the clients’ needs, and the consultants behind the group work individually with clients in order to get the best match. The company understands that the applicants are often in dire need for money in order to meet their expenses and basic needs, so they make sure that the application process is as quick and comprehensive as possible. Currently, the application process involves four simple steps that allow clients to connect with a consultant and get started with the legal funding as early as possible.

Cases Covered

cash-4-cases-settlement-loan-review-2The company prides itself on providing customers with a broad variety of financing opportunities over a large spectrum of cases. There are experts that will work with clients on behalf of all types of legal issues, including appeals, auto accidents and civil rights cases. Specialists are also available for construction accidents and injuries, employment discrimination cases, medical malpractice cases and even premise liability incidents. Those who worked within a difficult environment can also expect compensation for whistleblowing cases. According to the website, the legal experts that consult clients are highly courteous and considerate, and they make sure to hear all of the details of the case before they proceed with the rest of the steps to legal compensation. The experts also work with clients’ attorneys in order to get a better look at the case to determine how they can help those in need.

Customer Feedback

Currently, Cash4Cases has a two out of five star rating on Top Consumer Reviews. The reason for such a rating was listed as the company not offering anything out of the ordinary for interested clients. Cash4Cases currently holds an A rating on the Better Business Bureau, a high rating compared to many other companies in the field. Ultimately, the website can provide clients with an excellent opportunity to get the funding they need for their legal cases, but there are other websites that may be better suited to the task. Among the cons to using the company’s services are unclear processing times and interest rates. Some restrictions may apply, so it is important for interested clients to get in touch with the professionals as soon as possible to determine their eligiblity for legal assistance. The quick application process and the easy access to the toll-free number are among the website’s biggest draws, however.