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Cash settlements are wonderful awards because they provide injured parties with the funds they need to pay bills and restore their lives to what they were in the past. However, sometimes the payment of settlement proceeds get delayed because of payer reluctance, lack of funding or some other reason. Victims are often left without the appropriate funding that they need to take care of themselves when that happens. Lawsuit Cash provides loans to people who have money coming from lawsuits. Lawsuit winners can contact the company and request the funds that they need to get by until they receive their settlements.

Qualifications for Cash Advances

prime-case-funding-settlement-2A number of cases qualify for lawsuit loans. Some of the most common cases that the lawsuit loans cover are cases such as dog bite incidents, medical malpractice, car accidents, construction accidents, product liability incidents, maritime occurrences and more. They can all potentially qualify for assistance because of their nature and their certainty. All suits that are categorized in the personal injury category can fit into the bracket of qualifying cases.

How It Works

The first step toward receiving an advance from this company is making contact. Applicants can contact by short form or phone. The phone number to receive assistance is 877-721-CASH. A representative will take some details about the person and then request proof of the case. The case documentation can be faxed. The company will review the documentation and then let the person know how much they can extend to the person as a loan until the person gets back on his or her feet. The applicant must get the attorney to send the documentation and to acknowledge that he or she is cooperating with the case in all ways.

lawsuit-cash-settlement-loan-review-1The applicant receives an answer on the loan within 24 hours of sending a request in about it. If the applicant agrees with the amount that the company is offering, then the company will send a contract. The applicant must read the contract and agree to all the terms if the person wants the funds. The funds will be released shortly after the person sends back the signed contract. The entire process can be completed in 72 hours or less. The victim and borrower can then live a stress-free life with all the funds that he or she needs to get back on track.

Consumer Reviews and Other Ratings

Lawsuit Cash has a positive rating from the consumers and from the Better Business Bureau. The business has an A+ BBB rating, which means that it is virtually flawless in the way that it deals with people. Borrowers have given it an above-average rating of 4.5 stars out of five. They appreciated the company for its promptness to their requests, their generosity during rough times and their overall professionalism. Lawsuit participants should consider contacting this company and requesting an advance for any lawsuits for which they are waiting for funds.