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Suffering a financial or personal loss due to the negligence or mistake of another party can be very frustrating. In situations where you are not able to come to an agreement with the other party to rectify the situation, the only other option is to file a civil lawsuit in the hope that the jury and judge will see in your favor and determine a fair judgment.

lclWhile receiving a financial judgment could be a good way to compensate for a loss, the entire process of filing a civil suit, going through deposition and discovery, and then the trial process can take several years to complete. Due to the time and the high cost of legal help, the total cost of the trial could become unaffordable for many people. While it may not seem like there is a good financing solution without putting yourself at serious financial risk, Litigation Capital Investors provides an interesting financial option.

Litigation Capital Investors will be able to provide you with a fast cash advance to help you with your financial needs. The company will spend no more than a couple of days reviewing your case, the status of the case, total legal costs, and potential judgment to determine what type of loan you qualify for. Once approved and agreed upon, the company will then be able to provide you with the capital very quickly.

One of the main advantages of taking out a loan from Litigation Capital Investors is that there is no risk to you. Unlike a traditional lender, Litigation Capital Investors does not ask for any collateral or even a personal guarantee. The company will not get paid any money until the case is resolved and they will only be repaid if you win the case. This means that even if you lose entirely and the company does not receive any money from the judgment or settlement, you will not be required to repay any of the loan.

lawConsumers that have taken out a loan from Litigation Capital Investors have had positive things to say. Most consumers agree that the process that is provided by the company is quick and easy to get through with a limited amount of questions and information requested. Furthermore, consumers like the fact that there is no risk involved, even if the interest rate is higher than what could be paid out otherwise.

Some consumers have also stated that they like the fact that their costs do not necessarily only cover the legal costs. Litigation Capital Investors will also be able to provide the plaintiff with money that is needed for basic living expenses including their rent payment, auto expenses, food, and medical care. This can help any plaintiff to spend more time focusing on the case with some financial peace of mind.